Welcome to Blogmas day 2! So I am showing you in pictures what Christmas outfits I would wear from the celebration.  I just found out about Polyvore! It is amazing, so excuse my images they're a bit awkward (I'm still learning!).

The picture above is very Christmas-y and I love it! When December comes I like to wear a lot of red/burgundy and black. I just love the colors! You can't forget that Red lip classic! (Taylor swift lyric ;D). Oh gosh, you cannot forget the high boots, plaid, velvet, creams, etc etc. I feel like I can go on and on about outfits. I think I would wear one of these two outfits for Christmas. ;)


Ohhhhhh my! I just love wearing coats during the Winter and I think they are a great way to put an outfit for Christmas! I have been into furry coats sister things I am weird for liking furry coats. I just don't know why!? Maybe because Gabby from Velvetgh0st wears a lot of coats and some that are furry! They just look so good on her!

You can't forget Dresses! I think if you go to a fancy christmas party, a dress would be PERFECT, but hey you can wear a dress at home if ya want! I always love to dress up even if I'm home celebrating. I really like these dresses that I found at Polyvore, they're a bit to expensive. If I were to purchase a dress I always like to go to Forever 21. They have some of the cutest dresses ever!

I hope you enjoyed my second post for Blogmas! See you tomorrow! :)
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  1. I LOVE the cable knit sweater with the plaid skirt!! Definitely need to pick one up so I can wear that to my next holiday party!


    1. Yes yes yes!!! If you do show me a picture to see how you wore it! :D I love Cable knit sweaters!


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