New Years Resolutions 2014!

Bonjour! Here I am once again i'm torn into pieces can't deny it, can't pretend….Jk Here I am once again writing a post for my NEW YEARS RESOLUTION! I cannot believe it is already going to be 2014 in like 9 hours! WOOHOO this past year of 2013 has been a great year for me because I went to Mexico in the summer and went to like 5 concerts this year also! One Direction, Taylor Swift, and many more that I cannot name right because of how excited I am for the next year! Anyways I am going to tell what I want to do next year and hope they do come true! These resolutions I am writing... better come true! :) 

Here is what I am wearing!
My London pullover from Forever21!

My Twin and I :)
My twin wearing her Donut Sweater from Forever21!
New Years Resolutions

1. Not eat junk food throughout the whole year.
I hope this will happen! I just love so much junk food from cakes, cupcakes, candy, chips ANYTHING.

2. NO more shopping.
YES this must not happen to me this 2014 because I just buy a lot of clothes when my closet is about to explode! I am willing to do this. I know it will be hard for me. :( haha
3. Saving money for the camera I want.
Oh yeah I have been wanting a professional camera for the longest time because I love photography. I am considering studying this in college, but I am still confused on what I want to do! Anyways, yes what is better Canon or Nikon? I want the Canon 70D, but I don't know.
4. Make Youtube videos
I have already started making youtube videos, but I need more ideas and time for it! I am so happy that I started because I have warning to do this for the longest time ever! SO if you would like please subscribe to my channel? :) My Youtube :)
5. No drinking soft drinks
ummm.. Yeah I love soda, and I do drink a lot of coke and sprite. Anything soft drink, so yeah I hope I can handle to do this throughout the WHOLE YEAR OF 2014! :)
6. Find a job
Yeah I am 20 and I have not found a job, I apply, but never get a call back. :( I hope I do find a job this year! :D
7. Go to Disneyland
YEAH THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH! I have been wanting to go to Disneyland for the longest time this 2013! But never got to go! :( I really wanted to go for my birthday! haha I just love Disney because it is the happiest place on earth! :D 
8. Pass all classes with good grades.
School. school. school. I love going to college it is so fun, but so stressful with all the homework! I do enjoy it and I wish I can get straight A's each semester, but I at least pass with A's and B's….and C's :D I think I have been doing great throughout these whole 3 years that I have been in college. So, I hope I get straight A's this next Spring Semester! :D It is my goal! When do you go back to school after winter vacation? I go back the 14th! 
9. Make new friends
I have no friends…Well maybe a few. HAHA! I am hoping I can make new friends this 2014! Wish me luck because I am very shy when I first meet people! 

What are your New years Resolutions for 2014? :)
Comment down below I would love to know!

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