New Years Eve party!

      Hello there!
 I am here to show you what I did for New years eve with my family and friends! It was super fun! We did karaoke (I didn't sing because I can't haha), chatted, ate lots and lots of food! SO DELICIOUS! So, enjoy seeing these bits and pieces through pictures and at the end I will let the video so you can watch more! :) …If you'd like hehe 

I took a lot of pictures and videos to keep a memory of how fun it was this ending year! I hope 2014 brings so much more memories to cherish. 

Here are some pictures:
My twin and I having fun with the PhotoBooth.

Me trying to eat a donut. haha

cool ehh?


Janelle and I (cousin) 

Saira, Marlene, me, and Vienna!

Cutie pie! Giovanni and I. :)
Funny pictures are always fun!



Here is the video to see what we did during New Years eve! :) 
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