Birthday Cake and Gifts!

Well hello there!
So yesterday was my moms birthday!!! I hope she had a great day. We took her out to eat and gave her her presents, and she really loved them. YAY.

My sisters and I gave her flowers (with glitter on right?), a perfume from Jovan, and a sweater! She also received a gift from one of her best friends and it is a cake holder (bell jar dome) from Martha Stewart. 

So here is her birthday cake (very yummy!)

All her gifts.
There is the jar I mentioned and  her flowers with glittah! :)
Her Beautiful flowers! :) I LUB THEM

Yesterday morning my moms friend took her to eat breakfast and I ate this delicious waffle! Just wanted to show how delicious it looks. hehe

I will share some pictures of my FamBam :)
This is my Mom when she was 16

From left to right: Twin Sister, Dad, Mom, Me, and my Grandma is cut off.
Sisters! My twin Marlene, older sis Bridget, and I. :)

Well, this was a small post, just wanted to share to the world what I did yesterday. :) I had a great day and it felt like a long one! Now tomorrow I am going to a white elephant party! That will be fun! I will probably post a blogpost on what I did. 

To my mommy, I hope you had a great birthday ever! I heart you with all my heart! Que cumplas muchos mas mami. :) <3

Has anyone played the white elephant game?? Comment down below! :) 

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