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A few weeks ago I went shopping to Livermore Outlets in California. They have the best shops there! For example, Coach, Tommy Hilfiger, Juicy Couture, Banana Republic, Kate Spade, Michael Kors, and many more. Mostly High end shops! I know this is going to be a looong post because I am just so excited to tell write this!

I went shopping with my older Sister, Dad. Plus two of my Aunts and cousins, since they are here in my hometown visiting. So, we decided to shop around on a lovely Sunday. I was going there to window shop, but once we hit a makeup collection store I was amazed. They had a lot of brand name makeup you can think of. Nars, Clinique, MAC, and more. They also sell brand name fragrance: Coach, DKNY, Tommy Hilfiger and more. You can purchase so many things at a lower price!

So, then one of my aunts found a section of where they had boxes and there was a little note that said that you can get this box worth of 300 something dollars! And just pay $80!? I was like I HAVE TO GET THIS! IT IS SUCH A GREAT DEAL! It had so many great items!
What the box had was two fragrances: Coach poppy, DKNY be delicious, a Smashbox Shades of Fame palette with photo finish lid primer, Smashbox three eyeshadow palette, Smashbox camera ready bb cream, Estēe Lauder perfectionist, and MAC makeup bag with brushes.
Tell me that isn't a great deal?? WHAAATT!

Yeah, I was so so excited because I have been wanting the Coach poppy fragrance for the longest time and so I purchased this whole box worth of goodies!

Anyways, here are some images of what the box had:

Smashbox BB cream
Estēe Lauder Perfectionist 
MAC brush set
So, yeah I am so excited to use these items! Especially that eyeshadow palette. I love eyeshadows! Ohhh and the perfumes *sniff sniff* they smell DELISSSHHH...I can tell you that!

Well, I hope you enjoyed reading this post! See you soon friendliest friends! 

Tania Garcia

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