Wish List 2014 | ♡

Today I will be talking to you about my wish list!
I have been wanting so many things lately, but I can only think of a few things right now! haha.
I have been wanting some of these velvet-y colored jeans! But, can't find any cheaper ones anywhere!
These are from Polyvore by FarFetch.com.

I also, have been wanting the One Direction perfumes! I really love the smell of the first one, but haven't smelled the newest one, but I know it does smell delicious! Sephora
LUSH LUSH LUSH, OH LUSH! I have never tried any of these products! Sad news, but seriously I have heard so many great things about Lush! I have been really wanting to try the face masks! Does anyone know of a good one for acne treatment? Please help! :)

I have been wanting a fedora hat like this! I have a small brown one, but I want a bigger one. I think they look so cute with a simple outfit. It makes the outfit look nicer! :) This is at Forever21.com
 This trench coat is so pretty! It is also from Forever21 and trench coats are my favorite thing for fall and winter! Let the cold begin! 
Chelsea boots have been my obsession right now. I love these kind of booties.  I think they go great in a cute dress, or skinny jeans with the jeans rolled up! These two boots are from Asos. Here are the links: 1 and 2

So, that is it! I hope you enjoyed reading this post! If I have new wish list items, I will for sure update. Also, I uploaded a new Vlog last night from my Disneyland trip! I hope you enjoy! Go subscribe and like please! :) 

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  1. I'm with you on the need for Lush!! I'm planning on going on a shopping spree next weekend for just that! I've nominated you for the Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award so have a look at my blog for the details xx


    1. Thanks for nominating me!! :D I really enjoy doing these posts!

  2. A fresh face mask meant for acne is the catastrophe cosmetic mask, its made with blueberries and smells delicious! I used it but it really did nothing as I don't have acne prone skin but it was refreshing none the less =)

    1. ooohh im gonna have to try it out then! Thank you so much!! :)


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