As you can tell by the image I am going to talk to you about my nail polish collection.
Oh yes!

I have so many nail polish that I can't even count! I just love nail polish. I love having my nails nice an pretty. Even thought I mostly leave them chipped and wait for a long to to re-do my nails. haha
Story of my life, but yeah I love having my nails polished with a nice color!

List of all my nail polishes:
  1. Elf: Nude 
  2. Elf: Metallic Elegance
  3. Elf: Glamour Girl
  4. Elf: Taupe of the world
  5. Elf: Sea Escape
  6. Elf: Violet velvet
  7. Elf: Cherry bomb
  8. Elf: Red-y or not
  9. Elf: Chic Confetti
  10. Elf: Gold Star
  11. Bon Bons: no name, (but its a light pink)
  12. Bon Bons: no name, (darker pink)
  13. Essie: For the twill of it 
  14. Essie: Vested Interest
  15. Essie: Orient x-presso
  16. O.P.I: Strawberried in the sand 
  17. O.P.I: Quarter of a cent-cherry
  18. O.P.I: Its all Greek to me
  19. O.P.I: Señorita Rose-Alita
  20. NYC: Black lace creme #119
  21. NYC: Extra shiny topcoat #271
  22. NYC: Times Square Tangerine creme #112
  23. PINK VS: Blue My Mind
  24. Sinful Colors: Timbleberry #108
  25. Sinful Colors: Sugar Sugar #839
  26. Sinful Colors: Frenzy #922
  27. Sinful Colors: Neon Melon #56
  28. Maybelline Color show: Green with Envy #320
  29. Revlon: Totally Toffee #415 
  30. Sally Hansen no chip: Acrylic top coat
  31. Finger paints: Brushstroke Blush
  32. KLEANCOLOR Nail Lacquer: Starry Purple #35
  33. Max Crackle nail polish 2012: DNA
  34. Max Crackle nail polish 2012: Eternity
  35. Max Crackle nail polish 2012: Immortal
  36. Max Crackle nail polish 2012: Evolution
  37. Max Crackle nail polish 2012: Savior

Phew that is a long list of nail polishes! I hope my nail polish keeps growing! haha, just kidding I have enough! 
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