April Favorites 2014

Well hello there everyone!
I have not done a blog in a while, since I was so stressed with finals last week! 
Yay I passed all of my classes! :)
Anyways, today I will be showing you my April favorites! 
I wanted to do a video of this, but I am still kind of shy? I don't know I don't feel comfortable in front of a camera yet, but I know I will start soon! :)

Taylor Swift Perfume: Enchanted Wonderstruck
This smells very good! I love it so much!
Elf Palette
Ever since I got this palette I have never stopped using it.
Elf Primer
This primer is the best of the best! This keeps my makeup on for the whole day.
 I really recommend it

Non-makeup related:
Tio Nacho Shampoo 
I really love this shampoo! It leaves my hair really soft. I looove it.
Suave lotion
I also love this lotion! Leaves your skin soft!

You and I- One Direction
Mas que amor- Il volo
Surfboard -Cody Simpson
I have been loving these songs, they are amazing! I can listen to them 24/7. 

I hope you have a lovely Saturday! Follow me on twitter @taniastyles and tweet me what are you favorites of the month! :) See you soon!

Tania Garcia

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