24 THINGS I'VE LEARNED IN 24 YEARS ♡ | Tania Garcia

So in honor of my birthday, today I decided to share 24 things that I have learned! I've done some awesome things and learned a lot while studying in San Diego. Also, my family decided to come and surprise us a visit!!

1. Be positive in everything.
2. Moving away is quite a challenge.
3. Never thought I would be attending a school like UCSD.
4. Not stress about everything.
5. Soon my prince charming will come.
6. Never knew I can watch a Netflix series or any other series in a week
7. Came to the conclusion that I love watching Spaniard series (Cable girls and Grand Hotel...Yass).
8. Not to complain a lot because it doesn't get you nowhere.
9. Making new friends is hard.
10. Parents are always right.
11. Getting excited about small things.
12. Never knew I would be living near the beach.
13. Set goals and meet them.
14. Being honest.
15. Not everything has a happy ending.
16. The quarter system is quite challenging than semesters.
17. There are a lot of good people out there in the world.
18. That I miss my best friend, my companion, Bombon (my dog).
19. You will get what you want if you really work hard for it.
20. I learned to take better photos, since my courses at school.
21. How much I love to spend watching Youtube vloggers.
22. Did not think I would meet Gerardo Ortiz <3.
23. I am not perfect.
24. Be yourself.

Will be writing another post on what we did today! Will keep you posted!


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