Hi everyone! 
A month ago on August 19, 2014 I took a trip to LA to go to Disneyland! 
It definitely is, its where you can be a kid all over again! 
Anyways, our trip planning started because my cousin asked my sister and I if we wanted to go! Of course we said yes because my twin and I have been wanting to go for our birthday, but we went two weeks before our birthday! So, we celebrated our birthday early! Who wouldn't? It is the most amazing place to celebrate your 21st birthday! I know a normal 21 year old would go out and celebrate to drink, but I seriously wanted to go to Disney. 

We planned to go on a train to LA and walk around downtown LA. When we arrived to the train stop in Bakersfield we hopped on a bus to LA. Then we started walking to visit FIDM because my sister and I are planning to go to that school! The walk was like thirty minutes long, not to bad. Moving on, the school was so amazing and by the way I saw beautybaby44 AKA Lindsey Hughes! I was so excited to see her sitting  outside the college (since she is studying there) and she was probably waiting for one of her classes to start, but we didn't want to interrupt the person that was giving the tour of the school. I was pretty sad because I didn't get to take a picture with her, but hey I saw her! haha
OH and we saw the Walt Disney Hall! 

After we were done in Downtown LA we went back to the train station to take the train to Anaheim. From there we took a taxi to our hotel, which the stupid guy took us to the wrong hotel and we had to walk so many blocks that we got to the hotel so tired, but we ended up going to Downtown Disney.

The first day came on August 20th, 2014! YAY! We woke up so early to go before a lot of people were in line. We practically went on all the rides in LA except Splash mountain :(. I really loved the shows, like Fantasmic and the parades! Disneyland is just so classic! I also loved meeting all the characters! I met Goofy, Ariel, and I don't remember what other characters we met on the first day! OH, and I got a birthday pin! It is so awesome because I received a lot of "Happy Birthday's" in those three days we were there. On this day Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama were in California Adventures, while we were in Disneyland. I was so sad haha So many famous people that I heard were in Disney that same day was pretty awesome!

August 21, 2014: The next day we went to California Adventures, since we had the park hopper! OMG I love love Hollywood Tower of Terror, Screamin, Soarin over California, and Cars land were the best rides ever! Plus other rides we went on, but I can't remember. We actually went on all the rides in California Adventures! Its pretty amazing we did all of them in one day. I also loved the World of Color show! ahh so amazing, if you go to Disneyland you have to watch this show! 

August 22, 2014: The saddest day ever because it was our last day in Disneyland/California Adventures. We used our Magic Morning on this day to go to California and finish some rides we didn't go on the day before. When we were in line the lady wasn't going to let us in because our magic morning was only for Disneyland, which we didn't even know we thought it was for either one of the parks, so a lady saw us with a sad face and told us that she was going to give us some magic, which she gave us the ticket to go in to California Adventures. She was so lovely. On this day we went on Cars land for a second time, which took a long time, since its the thing to go to the awesome ride they have. Then we walked around to go to other rides. Then, we went to The Hollywood Tower of Terror to get our fast pass to wait. As we were waiting we were playing charades. So much fun! As we were waiting we spotted some camera mans for a tv show named "El Gordo Y la Flaca" we were like omg! My sister says she was trying to get my attention because there was a Mexican band that we like and since I didn't really notice her attention to me my cousin was like "OMG El Gordo y La flaca" and I turned to see and when the guys sitting next to me kept repeating their group name "Banda MS" I was super excited to see them sitting next to me which is amazing, since I saw them last year in Mexico at a fair. So, we tried to take a picture with them, but they went in to the Hollywood Tower of terror ride, so we still had to wait for our turn to go in line. Minutes passed and we were waiting to see when they would come out, to take a picture with them. So, they came out and I asked them if we could take a picture with and the said of course we can! I was so so happy! It made my day even though I was so tired with blisters on my feet! :( NEVER WHERE CONVERSE TO DISNEYLAND! 
Here is the picture of "Banda MS"

Anyways, we finished our day by going to Disneyland to see the Magical map, then to the castle to see the beautiful fireworks, and to end the day with Fantasmic! 

PHEW! That was long! I enjoyed writing this, so I can remember the days I enjoyed in Disneyland for my 21st birthday! 

I hope you enjoyed reading this long post! x
Here are some pictures!

Well there ya go I hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures! I made lots of memories with my lovely cousin and sister! Thanks again for reading! Please leave a comment and follow my blog if you'd like!
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