Disneyland | Birthday 2016

Hello, everyone! So I have been wanting to post about myDisneyland trip from my birthday last year! My sister and I went to Disneyland in September for five days with our best friends! We had the most magical days at both DCA and Disneyland. Even though it was quite tiring for five days straight of pure FUN!
We made some great memories and we saw the Lucas Gottesman from Pretty Little Liars at the tower of terror store, we were shocked to see him with his parents! :D 

Disneyland is where you can be a kid and no one will judge you. Am I right? We had the plan at first going just us two (my sister and I) and then we invited some friends but some said no and others said yes! I remember booking the hotel at Knots Berry Farm hotel, which they have a shuttle that will take you to Disneyland! I recommend checking out Groupon they usually have great deals on hotel rooms! Also, it had said it was for four people and we get there to check in and they tell me our room is only for three and I was like well Groupon said the room was for 4. I even showed my friend days before we left to Disneyland because it was a huge bed! I imagined two on the bed and two on the floor which I wouldn't mind doing! So they ended up switching our room to a double and we were so happy they were able to do that and kind of them. Overall, I hope to go again soon for my birthday this year!  

When you go to Disneyland, what is your favorite ride to go on? 

Mine is Peter Pans Flight, Space Mountain, or Screamin!

Love, Tania
Here is the first Vlog for this trip!

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  1. This looks like it was so much fun! Watched the video, just because some of your photos weren't loading for me unfortunately
    Makes me want to go to Disney!

    Ashley | Ashleymarlenis.com

    1. Thank you so much for reading my post! I don't get why my pictures aren't loading? :/ but thanks for watching the video! :)

      I subscribed to your channel!


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